Back to School Idea: Creative Ways to Cover Books Using Packaging Tape and Other Materials

Making book covers out of gift wrap or packing tape can be fun. Photo courtesy of

It’s almost time to go back to school, and that brings to mind a ritual that occurs with every new school year – covering your books. When I was a kid, we always used brown paper shopping bags, but today most people don’t seem to use those when they go to the store, opting for plastic bags or eco-friendly reusable bags. If you don’t have any paper bags handy, there are some creative ways you can cover your books.

Duct Tape
America’s favorite packaging tape strikes again! With it’s myriad of uses, its not surprising there are instructions out there for using duct tape to cover books. And with so many colors and patterns of tape, you can create something that really stands out. Start by making a pattern by tracing the book on a sheet of paper. This is what you’ll use to make a sheet of two-sided duct tape “fabric” which will become the book cover (Note: do not just cover the book in tape!). For full instructions, check out this article from wikiHow.

Wrapping Paper
Don’t throw away your gift wrap when Christmas and birthdays are over – you can reuse it to cover books! Just use the same instructions you would for any book cover, like these from Family Fun. However, you may not want to spend the school year with a Santa calculus book, so you may want to choose something with a decorative pattern, rather than snowmen or birthday cakes.

Kraft Paper
Brown kraft paper might seem about as fun and decorative as a paper bag, but it has its advantages. First off, if you like to doodle, kraft paper provides a good surface to draw on. You can also decorate it with stickers, stamps, and other embellishments. It provides a great blank canvas for however you’d like to decorate!

There are so many possibilities – don’t be the one with boring book covers this year! Other ideas for materials to use – decorative shopping bags, fabric, and even….you guessed it…bubble wrap!

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