Artists Construct Giant Spider Webs from Packing Tape

This huge packing tape spider web is strong enough for people to sit in! Photo compliments of

According to Fast Company magazine, Viennese/Croatian design team for Use/Numen use nothing but packing tape to create massive, self-supporting spider webs and cocoons that visitors can actually climb inside.

The team has installed four webs in the past year, the latest one was installed June 9-13 at the DMY Berlin’s International Design Fair. The first web was created inside a small Croatian gallery and as the year moved forward, the installations grew larger. After the gallery installation, the team moved on to an abandoned attic, then to a larger venue, the Odeon, a former stock exchange building in Vienna. For the Odeon installation, the team used about 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of packing tape.

The inspiration for the giant webs come from an idea for a dance performance. The next web installation will be in September in a public space in the center of Frankfurt. For more information, read the whole article.

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